Commonwealth heroes

African Patrol, the popular film series about East Africa’s police force made on the actual locations, stars John Bentley above as Inspector Paul Derek. 

Below Richard Denning, Jill Adams and Alan White play the central characters in Flying Doctor, the story of Australia’s famous airborne medical service, specially filmed for television by the Associated British Picture Corporation

White collar cops

Television is gradually changing the public image of the ‘private eye’; increasingly he is becoming a businessman rather than a lone operator.

The hour-long 77 Sunset Strip series and the half-hour International Detective (made at Elstree by the Associated British Picture Corporation) both belong to this new category

Efrem Zimbaiist Jr and Roger Smith left, reading downwards play the partners whose office address gives 77 Sunset Strip its name; their youthful assistant, ‘Kookie’, played by Edward Byrnes, is the glamour boy whose comb and breezy line of patter have become a signature of the series

Based on true stories from the files of the world’s largest detective agency, International Detective takes its star Arthur Fleming right to many interesting locations

…of the wide open spaces

Even in the space age, the Western maintains its grip on audiences of all ages.

Some TV Westerns have broken new ground with writing that delves as deeply into character and situation as does legitimate drama, and the hour-long series lend themselves particularly to this treatment.

Among these are Maverick, starring James Garner and Jack Kelly as the brothers Bret and Bart, and Cheyenne, with Clint Walker. One of the best of the half-hour Westerns is Law Man, whose John Russell is a popular figure on the ABC Network

Building a reputation

Developing young talent has always been an objective of ABC Television. The current Drama season brought stardom to Ian Hendry, a young actor who gave a fine performance last Spring in Return to Base, an episode of Inside Story, the hour-long drama series about life in a block of flats which Ted Willis edited for Sunday afternoon viewing. During the Summer Ian Hendry added to his reputation with John Gregson in Flight from Treason; ABC then gave him his own series with the title role in Police Surgeon, edited by Julian Bond.

Right Ian Hendry is seen in Inside Story with Margaret Anderson and Ruth Dunning; below he investigates a car smash as Dr Geoffrey Brent, Police Surgeon

Warwick Bedford