Summer Home

Serious homemaking was demonstrated in Summer Home, a ‘do it yourself’ series starring Maid Marion herself, Patricia Driscoll, here seen weilding a paint brush, and her husband, Duncan Lamont.

Philip Harben dispensed advice in the kitchen department, and below he gets some tips about wine from noted gourmet Paymond Postgate, who is arrayed in the impressive robes of Jurade St Emilion.

The director was Helen Standage

You’d Never Believe It

A popular science programme in every sense of the word is You’d Never Believe It, which investigates famous magic acts in show business and gives viewers the medical and biological facts that make them possible.

Putting your hand under molten lead, lying on a bed of nails, walking on hot coals and up a ladder of swords are some feats demonstrated here for host Huw Thomas and scientist Arthur Garratt.

George Noordhof produces the programme

Willoughby Gullachsen